Ethical Issues Robots s Intelligent as Humans

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Ethical Issues Surrounding the Development of Robots as Intelligent as Humans Name Institution Affiliation Ethical Issues Surrounding the Development of Robots as Intelligent as Humans The contemporary world has been marked by exceptional advances in communication and relative aspects in the past two decades. Notably, information and communication technology (ICT) has been subject to consistent evolution in both the virtual and physical worlds. The new landscape of development has instigated the development of physical realms and objects as part of the digital information framework (Lufkin, 2017). Some of the expansions include artificial intelligence, internet of things, and the smart machine systems. Assertively, the development of digital information and communications to incorporate corporeal objects has inferences across an extensive variety of solicitations and components of the society, which mainly revolve around issues of security and privacy (Popescul & Georgescu, 2014). Consequently, despite the hype on the capabilities of smart machines and internet of things, these progressions face increased controversies regarding their ethics. The context of ethics in information and communication technology has been a topic of research for the academic world and the public, particularly from the introduction of computers and the conformation of artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is apparent that these technologies have a nature defined by emergence and creativity (Meola, 2016). Moreover, people understand these technologies can perform human tasks, induce specific feelings, and enforce certain patterns as part of their collective development and logic of

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