Ethical concerns

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Ethical Concerns in Research Name Institution Affiliation Introduction Ethical consideration is very critical while conducting research. One should recognize the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. This recognition is crucial as it prevents fabrication of data and therefore prevents the collection or existence of false data. The main aim of a researcher is to collect data which are true. It also brings the environment of trust between the researcher and the participant. Codes that address honesty, respect and confidentiality have been adopted by researchers to succumb this problem. The research conducted should be confidential, and the participant should ensure that any other person including the researcher is not aware of the data collected from them. Every person wants their information to be safe mainly because of security purposes. None of the outsiders and even the researcher should be able to know which participant gave specific information. After the research has been done, the researcher should debrief the participant. This process ensures that none of the participants have been in harm's way. Some of the participants suffer from stress after the research, and this represents one of the challenges that all researchers should aim to avoid. It also ensures that all participants have full knowledge about the study in progress. Some of them might have understood the study differently or had little information about the research. So, this is the time to make sure all the participants understand the aim of the study. It also gives time for the participant to ask any relevant question on the study conducted. At this time the participant can decide to

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