Errors in Reasoning

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Errors in Reasoning Student’s Name Institution  Should the Use of Camera Phones Be Banned in Gymnasiums or Other Locations? Claims Made Privacy Violation Claim Camera Phones Should Be Prohibited in Gymnasiums and Other private recreation locations. It is because they raise the likelihood of breaching privacy since any unconsented photographs are illegal. In the current technological sphere, having a camera phone means an individual owns a camera, a computation system and has internet services available. These features ease the capture and sharing of pictures. With the advent of social media, such photos are easy to deliver to individuals of ulterior motives. As such, the use of camera phones is harmful. Industrial Espionage Claim Other than the breach of privacy in these institutions, there is also the issue of espionage. Foreign governments and other industrial players may take under their employ individuals tasking them to supply with information. Also, government agencies dealing with sensitive matters of the state, such as the military, have in place policies restricting camera phone usage. For such, use of camera phones eases access to private and classified information such as designs and strategy documents. The result is sthe prohibition of camera phones use within the institutions. Legislation Claim In the year 2003, there was a federal law passed seeking to control camera phone use. In the Video Voyeurism Prevention Act, photography without consent is punishable by a jail term (Solove & Schwartz, 2015). In places where people are expected to uphold privacy, individuals may pretend to be chatting or playing video games as a cover to their

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