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Epigenetic Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Epigenetic Epigenetics is the study of inheritable alteration that occurs in gene expression without being influenced by any change in DNA sequence. As a theory, epigenesis holds that human embryos are capable of developing progressively from undifferentiated egg cell (Gibney & Nolan, 2010). In this study, the concepts of epigenesis are reviewed to understand its role in the existence of various conditions such as phenotypes, behaviors and diseases, and how to address these conditions for healthy and prolonged life. In doing so, this study will gather research from peer-reviewed sources and findings from a brief family history. Concepts of Epigenesis All living organisms have Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) that contains information that is transcribed, translated and modified into a set of characteristics and sometimes behaviors. The way in which the DNA influences certain traits in an organism is a genetic expression and occurs mainly during the mitotic stages. It is during this stage that cells inherit information encoded in DNA. However, there is information that is not encoded in the DNA sequence. This is referred to as epigenetic information (Gibney & Nolan, 2010) and is usually influenced by environmental factors. Consequently, the information influences various traits that are different from those of the other identical organism (“Epigenetics,” 2007). In this case, epigenetics is more superior than genomes as it determines unique characteristics individuals have in a group. According to the video Epigenetics (2007), epigenesis controls the type of cells and induces the differences between

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