Environmental studies and Forestry

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Question 1 The movie “Climate Refugees” shows how climate change has affected the cultural, sovereignty, and global security issues. Over the years, human actions in the globe have impacted climatic changes leading to the destabilization of international politics. The intersection of overpopulation, the plight of climatic change, and lack of resources has illuminated the need to change the national and global security implications to guarantee that countries do not run out of water and food due to climatic shifts such as droughts. Currently, many concerns have been identified in the world including increased environmental degradation, natural disasters, droughts, and extreme weather conditions ("Climate Refugees", 2018). This has posed potential security risks and challenges given the scarcity of natural resources, emission of CO2, drought, among other natural calamities. The movie “Climate Refugees” reflects concrete human problems affecting millions of people due to extreme weather conditions including drought and desertification. The UN has started the mass migration plan where individuals will be moved as refugees to countries with better environmental conditions. Newt Gingrich and John Kerry believe that the changing climatic conditions are likely to cause humanitarian disasters that will inevitably cause political instability. The movie “Climate Refugees” illustrates a factor whereby food shortages, drought, and desertification will cause the mass migration of people. The estimated number the environmental refugees is 200 million; this will cause potential ethnic, cultural, social, and economic instability and tensions in the world ("Climate

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