Entrepreneurship using the corporate firm to pursue the American Dream

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Entrepreneurship Using the Corporate Firm to Pursue the American Dream Name: Instructor: Abstract This paper looks into entrepreneurship which is undertaken as means through the ethnic minorities can achieve the American dream. The minority businesses have been classified as those businesses whose majority of shareholder comes from disadvantaged groups either economically or socially. The disadvantaged business group comprises of small business enterprises, women-owned business, and businesses owned by other minority ethnic groups. Various forms of business are undertaken with the aim of generating returns to the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur may conduct business in the form of a sole proprietor, partnership or a corporate firm. This report seeks to look into the financial management goals as well as the need for supplier diversity. Various organizations encourage business diversity, and the reasons for engaging in diverse business are also addressed in the report. Organizations such as billion-dollar roundtable, NMSDC, WBENC have been at the forefront in fighting for women and minority-owned businesses. It is clear that the various forms of businesses owned by the ethnic minorities have contributed significantly to the growth of the economy. Introduction Ethnic minorities in America come from different parts of the world for various reasons. Some of the ethnic minorities in America include the Asians, Hispanics, and Koreans among others. Some of the immigrants have ventured into businesses which have become very successful. The businesses owned by the minorities have contributed significantly to economic growth and creation of employment. Entrepreneurship

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