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Brittle Fracture of Plain Carbon Steel at Low Temperature Lab Report Name Course Tutor Institution Affiliation Date Brittle Fracture of Plain Carbon Steel at Low Temperature The Final Set of Results LINK Excel.Sheet.12 E:\THESNO\Documents\Book11.xlsx Sheet1!R1C1:R4C9 a f 5 h * MERGEFORMAT Temp deg C 100 50 26 0 -20 -50 -100 -200 0.1% CS 59.16 56.848 62.084 57.12 36.312 2.448 2.244 0.748 0.4% CS 32.164 27.472 21.624 7.208 5.848 4.42 1.564 0.952 1.0% CS 2.38 2.584 0.884 1.088 0.952 0.952 1.156 0.884 Analysis of the DBTT of the 0.1%, 0.4% and 1.0% Carbon Steel Maximum+minimum impact energy absorbed20.1% CS Maximum impact energy 47.0+44.32=45.6545.65×1.36=62.084 JMinimum impact energy 0.6+0.52=0.55 0.55×1.36=0.748J62.084J+0.748J2=31.416 J0.4% CS 32.164+0.9522=16.558 J1.0% CS 2.584+0.8842=1.734 J From the graph, the temperature which corresponds to 31.416 J is -24 0C, 16.558 J is 18 0C, and 1.734 J is 39 0C. Relationship Between the DBTT with Hardness Carbon is known to have the ability to increase the hardness making the materials less brittle in addition to decreasing the martensite transformation temperatures thus making the elements develop high strength. From the results, it can be noted that the Vickers hardness of the specimens declined with the rise in temperature and time. In the experiment, it is evident that there was an insignificant change in the DBTT in relation to the change in the Vickers hardness. However, the DBTT of the plain carbon steels that were heated was lower than that of the rest of the steels. The reason behind the difference in the DBTT of the specimens is the effect of heat on the specimen structure. In this case,

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