Employment Law

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Student's name Instructor's name CourseDate Introduction Since the inception of modern social laws, studies have emerged on the effects of employment and labor laws to the contemporary society. In Canada, the relationship at work is regulated by voluntary and legal means. The voluntary means consist of compromise contracts and other decisions attributed to collective bargaining, mediation, grievances, conciliation, and arbitration. The legal means include the British statute regulations, the common law of tort and contract as well as the case law (Klarsfeld et al.320).This paper aims at exploring the purpose of the desire to study labor and employment law in Canada. Also, the paper will explore the reasons why labor laws are essential in the society and a country. Research objectives The purpose of the study will be to examine the reasons for employment law studies in Canada. Other goals will be; 1. To describe the importance of employment law in the society. 2. To review the available literature on the reasons for employment law. 3. To examine the available employment laws in Canada. Statement of hypothesis The following null hypothesis will be tested in research paper at a significance level of 0.05; i. There is no purpose for undertaking labor and employment law studies in Canada. ii. Employment and labor laws have no use in the society. Literature review The pragmatic literature on the purpose of studying employment law has been directed by theoretical ideologies such as the neoclassical employment economics. Most of the research has come to a common understanding that labor and employment laws studies play a crucial role in shaping

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