Employee Discipline

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Employee Discipline Name Institutional Affiliation Table of Contents Abstract3 I. Introduction4 II. Statement of Issue5 III. History of the Issue6 IV. Literature Review of the existing literature7 V. Possible Alternatives/Solutions to the problems9 VI. Recommendations10 VII. Conclusion11 VIII. References13 Abstract Employee discipline is an important aspect for consideration since it directly associates with the productivity of the organization. Traditional measures towards employee discipline have so far been unsuccessful in the eradication of indiscipline incidences. The traditional methods include varying levels of severity through the use of threatening language. The report explores the various considerations in workplace misconduct as an aspect of cause and effect. Employees in the organization are part of the human resource contribution to the workplace. Human nature should form part of the organisation’s perspective in the analysis of discipline issues. Therefore, organizations ought to consider the unique personality of each employee when addressing discipline concerns to guarantee effective measures for the progression of the organization. The report also provides recommendations that include a consideration of the unique personality of each worker in the process of administering disciplinary measures as well as the standard expectations for the workers. A separate recommendation draws from the failure of the four-step process that comprises the first and second warnings which culminate in suspension and eventual termination of errant employees as traditional means of employee discipline. The measures fail in resolving indiscipline issues

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