: Elaborate on the effects of Ethical Behavior

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Effects of Ethical Behavior Name Institution Effects of Ethical Behavior Ethical dilemmas come up each day within organizations and their workers and always result in various reactions. The decisions that one makes out of an ethical dilemma come with either positive or negative consequence (McKinney, Emerson, & Neubert 2010). As a result, employees and managers must always act within the framework provided by ethical regulations to avoid dire ramifications to the organization as a whole or an individual’s career. A good example of such situations is the case regarding Folole Muliaga and Mercury Energy. After reviewing the case, there are clear consequences of behavior at the workplace and ethics that are highlighted. There are several questions that one would try to figure out from the case is, was what Mercury Energy did legal or illegal? Were the decisions made by the police and the coroner right? This paper, therefore, reviews the Folole Muliaga scenario while elaborating on the effects of ethical behavior. In May 2007, Folole Muliaga, a former school teacher and a mother of four was discharged from a hospital in New Zealand with a diagnosis of a heart and lung disorder, obesity hyperventilation syndrome (Bridgman 2010). Having been diagnosed with terminal illness, Mrs. Muliaga was discharged home with two oxygen tanks as a therapeutic regime due to her condition. On 29th of May 2007, a contractor with orders from Mercury Energy to cut off electricity supply to Mrs. Muliaga’s house arrived at her place and explained his purpose. The family had an unpaid electricity bill of NZ$168.00 and could not pay it due to the financial strains that had come up as a

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