Effectss of Quarantine on the Military

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Effects of Quarantine on the Military Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Abstract This article explores ways by which policies relating to public health, quarantine in specific, were legislated in the United States of America and their implications for the military. Additionally, it explains biological attack as the most lethal terror attack, and the challenges military commanders have faced in the past maintaining order and civilian operability in times of bioterrorism through quarantine, and the complexity in determining the agent of the infection. Further, the history of quarantine is discussed, changes in legislation relating to quarantine, aimed towards understanding how these changes have affected the military. Isolations and quarantine as means of preventing the spread of illness during an outbreak are compared and contrasted. Vital to this understanding is to help military commanders understand the most appropriate prevention method to apply during an epidemic that would not violate individual rights. Also, explained, are the recommended approaches by commanders during outbreaks. Military heads are to plan for a worst-case situation when handling disasters. Demonstrated is the importance of taking caution when dealing with healthcare personnel since they have the highest possibilities of contacting the infection, and the need to notify international health bodies such as the WHO. Furthermore, this paper explains the primary challenge military heads face when making emergency announcements on community health, providing the solution. Keywords: Quarantine, isolation, military, legislation Introduction According to the Outbreak, a hit movie by the

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