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NameProfessor Subject Date Earnest Essay Marriage is one of the vital institutions of the human society as it signifies a social advancement particularly the entry men into a world of care, feelings, and emotions. It is considered to be a universal aspect of life and a backbone of human civilization. In the book "the importance of being earnest" the characters' way of valuing society shapes their perspective of marriage. The narrator’s society had rules and rituals which were perpetuated through a careful selection of the courtship and marriage. Thus, the norms and values of the society significantly influenced the aspect of marriage as discussed in this paper. The constraints of business and wealth imposed on the Victorian society drives Jack and Algernon to view marriage as an aspect of wealth, class, and morality rather than pleasure and romance. When Algernon discovers that Jack had come to propose, he mockingly states “I thought you had come up for pleasure? ... I call that business.” (Wilde 7). Jack, on the other hand, replies "how utterly unromantic you are!" (Wilde 8). When Algernon refers to the proposal as a business, he makes marriage appear to be an aspect of fortune and wealth rather than pleasure. On the other hand, Jack, who believes that marriage involves pleasure and romance, doubts Algernon’s hope for marriage when he calls him unromantic. In Act one, Algernon states that “My dear fellow, the way you flirt with Gwendolen is perfectly disgraceful. It is almost as bad as the way Gwendolen flirts with you.” (Wilde 7). Likewise, Jack criticizes Algernon’s morals by stating that “You have no right whatsoever to read what is written

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