do not blame the eater

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Don’t Blame the Eater This article “Don’t Blame the Eater” is written by David Zinczenko. It addresses the problem of obesity in the society and how differently players in the society should contribute towards eliminating the menace. It further discusses how different kids have been affected, the contributing factors, as well as the cost implications, associated. The authors primary and secondary arguments are that poor eating habits have negatively affected our health due to increasing cases of obesity and that organizations selling foods rich in calories should clearly display the information to public. The author further suggests that a collective responsibility ought to be taken by all to ensure a healthy living of our teenagers. According to the author, children have been significantly affected by obesity due to poor diets. He presents a personal view and evidence as he too had obesity health issues at childhood. Research by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention even indicates massive amounts of money spent on treating obese related problems. The author creates both emotional and character appeal to the reader by explaining the adverse effects of taking large amounts of junk food and encourages responsibility among companies such as the McDonalds in their adverts. He even foreshadows when health-related lawsuits from consumers would match the advertising costs. The author employs a descriptive analysis to clearly present facts. A short history of his childhood and the children pressing on a lawsuit against McDonald's creates an appeal to readers to the need for responsibility on diet choice and disclosure of

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