Divorce mediation

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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Divorce Mediation Divorce is an aspect of a conflict that marks the end of a particular marriage relation. Additionally, it immediately establishes the beginning of a tag of war between previously married individuals. Parties to marriage decide to divorce when they can no longer co-exist or live together. This leaves them to fight for interests such custody of children, family wealth or property. Several divorces cases are dramatic since sometimes both parties cannot agree on what the other party should keep and what they are willing to let go (Emery, 74). There are various mechanisms of solving a divorce dispute such as negotiation. This is where both parties engage in direct discussions on how to go about their divorce. Negotiation can be face to face at their home or at an agreed place, or it can be done through the use of lawyers. However, this is rarely possible as most divorces are full of animosity and hatred (Emery, 79). Hence, this makes it a challenge for the involved individual to disagree making them in seeking dispute resolution mechanisms in court. Consequently, the second system of resolving divorce conflict is through arbitration as well as litigation. This is where the parties to the conflict resolve to go court on order since they feel the judicial system is the only fair mechanism that will divide their wealth and also decide on the custody of children (Emery, 91). This is the most common form of divorce conflict resolution system. The other form of divorce conflict resolution is through mediation. This paper will focus on this form of resolution to describe how divorce conflicts can be resolved

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