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Hiring Process Student’s Name Institution   Recruitment is one of the most important functions within an organization. Unless an organization hires the right people even the best organizational plan, control system, and charts would not yield the expected results. This implies all form of organizations whether large or small must engage in the process of recruiting. Recruitment is often competitive as it involves selecting the best candidate from a pool of applicants. As a result, a conflict may emerge between the objectives of the organization and those of the applicants during recruiting. For an organization to employ the best, it must apply the best practices such as validity, reliability, and cost among other. During the recruitment, the organization attempts to evaluate both the strengths and weakness of candidates, however, due to the competitive nature of the recruitment process, the candidates present only their strengths for consideration, and very few if any prefer to highlight their weakness. The differences in objective between the recruiter and the candidates initiate conflict because the objective of the organization is to know what exactly the candidate will bring on board and the candidates, on the other hand, want to know how they will gain from the organization. Such conflict certainly affects the eventual success of the hiring process as almost every candidate presents his or her strengths, and very few share their weakness. During the recruiting process, ethics plays an important role. While there are laws in place that provide guidance in regards to the hiring process. Human resources professional still faces ethical dilemmas, during

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