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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Discussion board One of the lowest points in one’s life is receiving breaking news especially if they are negative. In life, we have all received some breaking news but the most important thing is how we overcome the news. In the first video, the senior doctor explained to students that breaking bad news will forever affect the person receiving. In the second video clip, the guy breaking the news was arrogant and disrespectful. It is true that sometimes talking is hard but he could have discussed with his partner that he was not comfortable with the ideas being presented. In the last clip, the young man was not honest while breaking the news to his partner that his performance review was below average and that’s why he did not qualify for the job. The messages could have been well passed if there was good communication between the two parties. The setting is also very important when it comes to delivering bad news because the person breaking the news is responsible at that moment. When it comes to breaking news, there are some emotions involved. In the first two videos, there are emotions flowing as the people being addressed are silent. However, in the third video, it is only the female supervisor who is disappointed that the young man did not give the best as expected. The messages in the first and third video are direct but in the second video, it is indirect. In the first video, I believe the message was delivered in the best way, however, in the second video the setting was not good. The guy could have called his friend; they sit down in a quiet place and express his dissatisfaction.

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