Discuss ‘we are never completely socialised, or are we?’

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Name Institution Course Date Discuss 'we are never completely socialized, or are we?' Socialization is the process by which living organisms both human and animals acquire culture and learn how to exist with one another. It starts from the birth of an infant until death. Every infant is born without any personality, and it learns the culture of the society where it is born. Socialization is passed from one generation to another, and it involves learning communication languages, learning how to associate with other beings, learning the duties one is expected to play in the society among others. Socialization can be termed as a gradual process whereby an individual’s obtain a personal identity through learning the values, behaviors, norms, and social skills that is convenient to his or her social status (Thornton, Kim, and Buck, 176). It is taught by various agents such as school, family, peers and mass media that create a context in which socialization takes place. Consequently, socialization in human beings has features such as basic discipline in the individual learning control in order to fit in the society; human behavior control where there are procedures that control individual’s life in order to maintain order in the society. This can be both formal and informal since it is learned through instructions in education institutions as well as informally through families and peers (Thornton, Kim, and Buck, 176). Furthermore, it is a continuous process in life due to the fact that it never stops even after one becomes an adult and is passed through generations. It is also rapid if there is humanity in the agencies of socialization since it tends to be slow

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