Digestion of Starch

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Digestion of Starch AbstractThe human body consists of tiny living units called cells. These cells carry out various physiological processes that are essential for the survival of those cells; hence the whole body. Among these processes are biochemical reactions that make available nutrients in forms which are readily utilized in the body, i.e. digestion of food. Food consists of various components such as starch, proteins, lipids, minerals, and vitamins. These components are broken down (through digestion) by the cells such that they are readily utilized for various purposes such as providing energy, building up of cellular structures as well as facilitating other physiological functions. Digestion of food is made efficient by molecules known as enzymes that speed up rates of biochemical reactions so as to provide efficiency in making available of the said nutrients. These enzymes operate efficiently under optimum conditions in which the intracellular environments provide such as the pH and the temperature of the environment in which the cells are found, among others. When these conditions are inhibited, or otherwise interfered with, several aspects of these enzymes are altered in ways that make the said enzymes non-functional. An experiment is carried out in a laboratory simulating the human cell to understand further the consequences of changing one of these cellular environmental conditions (temperature) affecting the physical; hence the working properties of the enzyme that catalyzes digestion of starch. Introduction Digestion of starch is a biochemical process that occurs in the human body, more specifically, the human mouth, as does other metabolic processes at

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