different software development life cycles

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Name Tutor Course Date Software development life cyclesIntroduction In software engineering, software development cycle denotes a methodology that describes the logical steps used in developing a software product. The method serves to plan and direct the software development process. This essay will highlight some of the software development life cycles that exist in the world. Types of software development life cycles Many software engineers concur that the waterfall model is one of the most straightforward methodologies. In his article “Software Development Life Cycle Models-Comparison, Consequences,” Rastogi (168) states that in the waterfall model, software engineers complete each phase before proceeding to the next and then review the stages to ensure that the project progresses efficiently. The waterfall model is simple and appropriate for small projects. However, it provides a significant degree of uncertainty, and the output only results at the end of the process. Secondly, Rastogi introduces the iterative model. The model combines the waterfall cycles by diving them into smaller iterations. The iterations then pass through several phases that produce functional software. The model provides more flexibility and low risk (Rastogi 169). On the other hand, the process results in phases that do not overlap causing some levels of rigidity. The Agile methodology seeks to eliminate the shortcomings of the two models. Rastogi (170) states that the Agile software development cycle focuses on breaking the products into smaller product features through phases referred to as sprints. Once each sprint completes, practical features result and the developers

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