Develop a farm management action plan to address water quality issues on Hillside Farm.

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Hillside Farm Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Introduction Hillside Farm is a small farm in North-east London that features commercial agricultural activities, and it occupies a total of 190 ha of land. The farm adheres to most of the required standards regarding crop production and environmental management practices. There are some practices however that threaten to affect water quality in the farm and its surrounding environment. The quality of foods produced in Hillside farm strives to adhere to standards, and the farms subscribe to schemes such as Assured Food Standards that promote adherence to established high standards of foods. The land features important environmental components such as springs, ponds, woodland areas and hedgerows among other elements. The water sources in the farm such as the stream on the eastern part of the farm and a small pond inside the farm are important to the farm as well as the local flora and fauna. An issue of environmental concern is the merging of the stream with the land’s drainage. This has a potential to pollute the stream affecting both surface and underground water. The stream flows through important sections of the farm including the nursery and other areas near the cropped area. Any form of pollutants from the drainage has potential to affect crop quality which might impact food safety. Hillside Farm is within Nitrate Vulnerable Zone. This means that the farm management should restrict the use of some fertilizers such as Nitrogen and organic manures. Biodiversity is declining in Hillside Farm. This calls for appropriate environmental measures to be taken to improve biodiversity. A report from The

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