Depression Disorder

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Depression Disorder Student’s name Institution   Depression Disorder Depression disorder is a type of illness that involves the body, thoughts, and mood. Thus it interferes with a person daily life as well as normal functioning besides, it causes pain to the person suffering from the disorder and the caregiver. Having depression disorder is no sign of weakness neither is it a condition of self-will. It is a mood disorder that comes along with a persistent feeling of sadness as well as loss of interest. Failure to seek medical attention can cause the symptoms of this disorder to last for months or even years. Despite the fact that depression is common it is a serious illness and people suffering from such condition needs treatment to get better. Types of Depression Disorder Just like any other illness, there are different types of depression disorder the three common types of depression disorder include; dysthymic depression also known as dysthymia this type of disorder involves long-term over two years and less severe symptoms. The symptoms do not incapacitate a person rather they subvert normal functioning. At some point, people suffering from this type of disorder may experience “major depressive episode”. Psychotic depression is another type of depressive disorder, this occurs when severe depression goes along with different forms of psychosis, like hallucinations, and delusion. Postpartum depression is another type of depression disorder this type of disorder is mostly diagnosed when the mother develops depressive episodes within a span of a month on delivery (Blatt, 2004). There is no particular identifiable source of depression disorder rather the

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