Customer Service and the Marketing Concept

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Customer Service and the Marketing Concept Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Customer Service and the Marketing Concept Introduction Marketing defined as the process through which organizations and other entities produce, communicate, and deliver or exchange offerings that have value for consumers. It involves the coordination of the elements of product, price, place, and promotional strategy. Marketing and customer service usually go hand in hand. Segmentation characteristics Under the demographic segment, I exhibit the habit of trying to spend with other individuals that share my socio-economic status. The kind of clothes and household equipment I usually purchase mirror those of my neighbors and workmates. My friends mainly consist of people of my social class and age hence we tend to share the same entertainment and shopping lifestyle. On weekends we spend time in the same places like shopping malls and sports stadiums to watch football and baseball (De Mooij, 2010). The type of leisure lifestyle that exists among individuals in my generation reflects the psychographic segmentation in marketing. The behavioral segmentation classifies consumers according to their behaviors. As a consumer, I stay loyal to products that I usually purchase. I tend to avoid new products because of the uncertainty over their qualities. I also avoid buying goods and seeking services that I had no prior intention of procuring. I make a monthly budget before I purchase household goods and seek services on a need basis. Lastly, I only buy related products and services when dealing with electronics (De Mooij, 2010). For example, once I buy a Samsung phone, I often consult Samsung service

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