Cultural assessment

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Cultural Assessment Name Institution Health care is a pertinent facet of an individual’s life, but culture tends to pay a significant role in determining one’s health status. Each culture is rooted in a particular practice in traditional medicine that has either become replaced by western medicine or acts as a vehicle through which western medicine is introduced. The latter is the approach that can be used to yield effective results among the Chinese. Hence, this paper reviews evidence on Chinese perceptions and attitudes towards health care. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is common in the west while traditional Chinese medicine has been at the forefront of medicine in China because it is rooted to Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism philosophies that are the pinnacle of the Chinese people (Chung et al., 2014). However, even though medicine has evolved to incorporate a patient’s beliefs, CAM is not regarded an integral part of the health system in the west as traditional Chinese medicine is deemed pertinent to Chinese health system. It is apparent that the Chinese philosophies form the backbone of the Chinese health care system, unlike western medicine that relies on empirical evidence. This study by Chung et al. (2014) affirm the strong belief in cultural heritage by indicating that Chinese immigrants handle health issues based on their cultural values. Thereby, in a study by Clough, Lee, and Chae (2013), health beliefs are highlighted as one of the barriers to the use of health care services by Asians living in the United States, who include the Chinese. Despite the fact that Asians have limited access to health resources and have a low

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