Critique of Samuel Western’s Pushed Off the Mountain, Sold Down the River

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Name: Instructor: School: Date: Critique of Samuel Western’s Push off the Mountain, Sold down the River The essential primary arguments of Samuel Western in his book, Pushed down the mountain sold down the river touch on revolution. Samuel presents the past as having dark images and therefore, pushes for the need to have revolutionary kind of thinking for the betterment of the life of everyone. The revolution must have to peg on the leadership. For one to be a Wyomingite means coming from a dark past, therefore, having the need to embrace the revolution. There are fairness and accuracy in the assertions of the writer. These sentiments follow the considerations of the past engagement in Wyoming. The exercise of monoculture in the state since the attainment of independence is an indication of a dark living as Samuel made reference. There ought to have been the effort of ensuring that there is movement from this monoculture to the embrace of diversity for the improvement of life of the Wyomingites. However, Samuel might be off the mark in his assertions due to the failure to consider the changes in attainment to the positive side since independence. What is missing in his critique of Wyoming history and culture is the connection between the past and the present, through to the future. Although Western has resided in the state for more than thirty years, he has advantages of being an outsider since he happened to have come over, in his observations concerning Wyoming. The benefits come from his education and work backgrounds. Samuel had good schooling. Samuel Western got his MFA from the University of Virginia where he also taught English. He also served in the

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