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Writing Plan Name Institution Abstract English as a language can be presented in different ways of understanding for example reading and writing. It is a common effect on most of the non – native English speaking languages to read and write English correctly without any mistakes. In writing, therefore, there is need of creating a writing plan that should often be used in literature. This paper thus discusses the importance of having a writing plan for students which they use in writing their papers in the English language. It also explains some of the challenges that the non-native English speakers might have on writing. The paper also describes some of the aspects of writing such as revisions which are explained to be important in correcting mistakes that might have been done during the writing process. The writing plan should, therefore, consider the revision process to be the last process of writing then submission of the scripts. Writing plan Comprehensive writing always entails many processes to come up with the final scripts. In academic papers, writing is one of the most endurable activities that is conducted in the learning institutions by students and even professors. In some cases, writing involves taking notes, doing assignments or writing reports. It is, therefore, so essential to consider writing a perfect paper that is characterized by high-quality contents and structures. For the writing in the institutions, there is, therefore, a need to have a writing plan that is comprehensive and will guide on the writing of compositions and the assignments. A writing plan is a scheduled paper content that guides on how to write a particular paper

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