Creative art experience for children..edited

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Creative Arts Name Institution Date Materials and Equipment for infants, toddler, preschool, and school-age children Different materials reflect the age and life of children. Others show the diversity existing in various societies. (infant (0-12mth), toddler, preschool, school-age children require having different types of dolls, toys, dress-up Props, books, photos, pictures, and music. Infants (0-12months) Infants play with lightweight, open-ended, simple, and easy to wash toys. The play items include nesting cups, balls, and pop-beads. They appreciate handling rattles, squeak toys, and action/reaction toys. They require a large crawling area with stable furniture to hold and pull up. They eat their toys and cuddle them. They appreciate pictures of real objects (Smith, 2000). Toddlers (12-36months) Toddlers are manipulative and appreciate stacking toys, beads, wooden spoons, simple squeezes and pounding benches. They study picture books, listen to phone toys, and hold their dolls. They also push and pull them. Children at this age figure the movement of lines. They use crayons to scribble on papers and enjoy the colored lines. The children cherish the feedback given by crayons and senses together with the smell of paint (Smith, 2000) The lines could be open circles, diagonals or curved. Preschoolers (3-5years) Preschoolers appreciate play equipment to balance and climb on them. The preschoolers play with crayons, safe past, tempera paints, and fingers. Sand and water toys make them happy. The children play with unit blocks and accessories, audio recordings, musical instruments, and picture books. They love dolls, clothes to dress them up and puppets.

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