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Professor's name Student's name Course Date Gay Rights In fact, I am against the gay sexual orientation. I in don't believe nor agree with the rights of the gays' civil rights. I, therefore, do not agree with the proposition. My standing based on the fact that being a gay is a strange thing since it is not a natural thing. I have always held the fact that one should only be bisexual. To me, gays and lesbians are a form of disorders and it is just like madness. I also consider that the issue of gays is evil and that no civil rights should be accorded for them in the society. After reading this debate, I to some extent agree that one’s sexual orientation does not affect the performance and responsibility of the gays in Boys Scouts leadership and even in any other position in the society. I have been made to understand that playing a role like leadership does not have any relationship with one's sexual orientation and does not affect the duty and performance of responsibilities. It is only determination and being focused are all that is required in a leadership position in any faculty (Fejes & Fred, 258). Therefore, I have shifted my position to support the proposition that gays should not be prevented from becoming leaders in Boys Scout organization and in any other position just because of their sexual orientation. The gays have the rights to leadership in Boys Scout since what is only required here is one’s passion, determination and other qualification other than the biased sexual orientation. The violation of the civil rights of the gays in leadership could be due to a cultural setting where the issue is considered evil. My first take on the

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