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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Relationship between corrupt government and violent insurgency Sarah Chayes clearly illustrates how corruption affects different countries especially on the matters of stability and security. Implementing strong global security has become a major issue with corruption becoming the highway that interlinks and binds criminals. The author uses Afghanistan as a true reflection of the immediate dangers posed by corruption to any nation According to Sarah, it is important that the intelligence community realizes that corruption is a major motivator to a violent insurgency. Corrupt government always anger the people and in that way feel the need to support an insurgencies, this is evident In the case of Afghanistan nation where unlike the previous belief that conflict was fueled by hatred towards Taliban or anti Muslim sentiments, the truth is that the corrupt government was highly detested by the people who felt that corruption had been institutionalized and was doomed to never end. Corruption is not an individual work but rather a structured network.(chayes ,2015), This makes it hard to enforce certain laid system such as anti-money laundering rules which are laid down to enhance security. Simple anti-corruption policies may prove unhelpful. It is important to note that corrupt rulers always drive their people into violence and lawlessness. This is well illustrated by the Arab uprising that brought out a revolution in the nations. The people felt the need to liberate themselves from corrupt leadership. History has shown that corrupt leaders and kings actions always distorted the social order and often created civil wars, a good

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