Consumer Behavior

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Understanding consumer behavior is critical to marketing. It helps understand why customers make different decisions during the purchase of their products. The consumer decision process helps in understanding these purchase behaviors and trends. Good choices follow the five steps of the consumer decision process. They include the goal/need recognition, information search to weigh the available options, consider the consequences, to make a perfect decision, and lastly to evaluate the decision. Therefore, the consumer decision process can be used to determine what the hungry instructor will decide to eat (Thilmany et al. 13). Need recognition The most effective decision to be made by the instructor is to satisfy his hunger. The instructor is hungry after long lecturing hours in the morning. There is plenty of food available in the cafeteria and other nearby restaurants where he can get a dish. Information search The instructor will have to choose the best meal that guarantees his satisfaction. He would prefer a substantial but expensive dinner to ensure that he gets satisfied. Additionally, he was tired of the day’s lectures. Considering the Consequences Buying a heavy meal would cost the instructor extra cost. However, he is hungry and tired. He needs to eat before attending the afternoon lecture. Making your decision Flesh grilled Rib Steaks with Balsamic Vinaigrette in Green Chili Sause and Chipotle would be the best choice for the instructor. Evaluating your decision The delicious meal is more healthful and eco-friendly. Choosing the grass-fed rib steak is more advantageous since it has fewer calories

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