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Electrical SystemsName Institutional Affiliation Electrical SystemsAn electrical power system is a complete network for power circuitry. It comprises of all the electrical components used in power transfer, its supply, and storage as well as its usage. The electrical system differs in many different ways, and the most common difference is its usage and transmission. The means used for power transmission is primarily dictated by the consumption of the load applied to it. The power consumed by a residential building greatly differs to that consumed by an industrial and commercial building. Industrial and commercial power usage is also of a wide range and as a result, have does not allow installation of a standard electrical power system. Electrical power systems installed in commercial buildings vary depending on the power requirements of the building. Commercial buildings different systems to control various things within them like access, lighting, alarm, and communications among others. There are some electrical systems used in a commercial building. Some of these systems are power systems, access control systems, lighting systems, alarm systems, and communication system. Power systems are for the distribution of electrical energy; It is a requirement that all power system designs meet the set codes. Some of these codes are National Electrical Safety Code, National Electrical Code, and codes stipulated by local authorities on the building. Lighting systems are deployed to convert electrical energy into visible light and are necessary for every building. They play a key role at night when darkness sets in and during the day for the bigger buildings where not enough

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