Conservatives and Trade Policy

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Conservatives and Trade Policy Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Conservatives and Trade Policy The recent conservatives’ move that promotes economic nationalism over the conventional pro-trade practices can be viewed from various perspectives. The United States of America has in the past engaged in international trade practices that tended to favor all parties based on policies instituted by the World Trade Organization (WTO). This paper focuses solely on some of the pros conservatives presume economic nationalism promote the growth of American economy and the cons associated with the shift that other Americans consider the move as wrong. Conservatives believe the current trade operations with other international states to be unfair whereby the U.S. receives more exports that it exports. And the efforts to place Americans first proposes balanced business operations by ensuring the country receives fewer imports as prior and instead increases its exports to other states (Trump 2017). Conversely, while conservatives believe the current global trade operations as a con in their economy, it is notable that these functions abide with the principles set by the WTO whereby both parties of such businesses enjoy mutual benefits. Conservatives also believe importation of labor force particularly in manufacturing companies negatively impact wage rates and employment opportunities among Native Americans. This supposition might be true which explains the “American First” move that protects American working class, especially high school dropouts. It is, however, worth noting that only about 8 percent of American Natives do not have a high school diploma

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