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Conflict Resolution Student’s Name Institution affiliation The Unistoten v. the PTP pipeline, BC, Canada conflict emerged when the proposed seven multi-billion dollar pipeline projects faced opposition from the grassroots’ Wet'suwet'en people. They fought to stop the onslaught project from entering their uncensored and occupied lands. The current situation of the conflict depicts to be at its highest level since street protests, and visible mobilization has been witnessed among the indigenous groups who are opposed to the project. In the case study, it is indicated that the tribe ejected assessors who were employed on the “Apache Canada’s Pacific Trails Pipeline” from their zone after accusing them of interloping into their region ("Unistoten Camp v. the PTP pipeline, BC, Canada | EJAtlas", n.d). On the same note, they clutched the company’s apparatus and set up a barricade against all pipeline undertakings. Consequently, all visitors who wish to enter into the area are required to present themselves and respond to queries before being allowed into the community. The clan is constructing a customary pit-house along the pipeline path, and they clamp yearly action factions to train militants in direct action. Thus, this shows that the conflict has escalated to its highest level and intervention on its resolution needs to be sought before it gets out of hand (White, Joplin, & Feras Salama, 2007). Therefore, this paper shall develop recommendations for conflict management of the current situation. The accommodating approach should be implemented by the PTP pipeline, BC, Canada through emphasizing on cooperation rather than assertiveness. The company

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