Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution Name Institution Affiliation Strategies to Improve Relationship and Communication The strategies that can be used to improve the relationship and communication among the people who share a common factor include having a good listening skill. When an individual has a good listening skill, it will help him/her to properly interpret the information that is spoken to him/her by the other fellow (Molohon, 2014). The people who communicate can also improve their relationship through the use of good acknowledgment skill. It effective when the parties involved in the relationship remains genuine to each other whenever the partner deserves an appreciation. For the communication and the relationship to be improved effectively, the people involved should keep away their feelings and their issues from the communication as well as in the relationship (Molohon, 2014). And also in most cases, it would be of great benefit if they discuss their feelings to one another than keeping it to themselves. When talking about each ones feeling or issues, it is important to talk about them in one’s perspective. This will give the direction in which the issue should be discussed thereby no deviation among the groups involved in the communication. Conflict Resolution The best ways in which conflict can be resolved is by encouraging the communication among the people involved in the conflict. Whenever there is good communication, the people involved in the conflict will have the opportunity to detect where they normally go wrong that results in the conflict and reconcile effectively (Myatt, 2012). The other way for effective conflict resolution is to avoid taking sides.

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