Comparison of Air Ambulance Crash Rates – USA versus EU

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USA versus EU Air Ambulance Crash Rates Student’s Name Institution Affiliation The medical departments in the entire world use air ambulance to increase service delivery. Paramedics prefer air ambulances in cases of emergency and instances of traffic congestions on the ground. Furthermore, helicopters can easily access internal environment like mountain tops. However, there are cases where the rescue missions by air ambulances have turned disastrous. In the United States and the European Union countries, accidents involving air ambulances have been reported for a long time. Most of these accidents result in serious injuries and deaths of patients, pilots, and paramedics on board. This paper presents the comparison between aeromedical accidents in the United States and the European Union countries. USA NTSB data pertaining aeromedical helicopters shows that there have been 84 medical helicopters involving 260 people. The accidents include patients, passenger, pilots and paramedic team. In a ten year statistics aeromedical incidences, USA reported 72 fatalities and 64 injuries. In this study, USA records 0.86 deaths in every recorded accident (Bledsoe & Smith, 2004). A nonfatal injury in every accident was 0.76. The accidents rate involving aeromedical helicopters were on the increasing rates as in the last period of the ten-year study. Data according to Bledsoe and Smith (2004), 52% of the reported accidents occurred between 2000 and 2002. Most of these accidents cases attribute to pilot error. Statistically, 70% of these accidents were caused by piloting problems. European Union A study of aeromedical crashes in the

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