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Name Professor Course Date A comparison essay between Samuel Pepys diary and Daniel Defoe journal This essay will attempt to examine the disparities and relationships among the diary written by Samuel Pepys as well as Daniel Defoe journal. The comparison and the contrast will base on two accounts written by the two authors about the great plague and fire in the 1960s. Samuel Pepys drafted his diary of the two accounts as well as the time they occurred. In his writing, he concentrated more day to day events which took place during his time whereby he included figures as well as the first-hand information of all the activity which took place (Pepys 162). On the other hand Daniel Defoe addressed a journalistic description of the very historical experiences; nevertheless, the contrast was that he wrote his two accounts 15 years after Pepsi had drafted his diary. Defoe recalled the two events after the former group who experienced these horrific events. Writing of the descriptive events of the time made Defoe work to be well accepted by the readers as they were of thing which was just happening at the time (Defoe 455). His activities had a similar realistic to that of the great plague and fire by Pepsi. The second difference is that Defoe loved to play between boundaries of fact and fiction. His novel is full of dates and measurement in addition to his nonfiction with personalities and communications. On the other hand, Pepys work is not fiction as it relies on first-hand information as he wrote from personal experience. In a nutshell, from the above discussion, it is clear that there is a vast difference between the Defoe’s Journal of the Plague Years and Pepys

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