Compare 2 texts provided based on theme or literary style in an analytical Paragraph

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Student’s Name Course InstructorCourse Title Date Love Love is well portrayed in “The Canterbury Tales” and the “Interpreter of Maladies.” In the Canterbury Tales, there is a lot of love as most of the characters usually end all their stories by wishing the rest of the group best luck which is a sign of love. We see courtly love Canterbury Tales. It is a method of showing love in a chivalrous fashion. The courtly love is centered in the Knights Tale. The knight usually ends with “God, that sixtieth height in majesties, save this entire campaigner, great and small!” This is a clear indication that there was love between the people they struggle to have the fair maiden (Bloom, 24). The young knight dresses in lovely attires, checks at his appearance, he becomes a songwriter, dances and he is determined with love issues to the extent of not being able to sleep. The courtly love has also been satirized in various ways. In the Millers Tale, we see that courtly attachment has been changed into a mere joke. Chanticleers ends up being committed to pertelote. He ends up misinterpreting the dream and thus being tricked by the fox. We also see that sexual desire also plays a vital role in the Canterbury Tales. In all the tales the issue of physical lust comes in place and merges up with the problem of love. There is a lot of sexual rivalry in the tale as Miller’s Tale is the most concentrated one. The wife of the bath has no issue speaking about the five husbands that she has and she is proud about that. Chaucer utilizes various dirty jokes to show lust. Palamon and Arcite are ill because of love. They all fall in love with Emily. They

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