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Dalai Lama's Reflection on Universal Responsibility Dalai Lama's primary focus is on having ethical responsibilities which are not based on the religious principles. Even with the challenges in realizing these universal responsibilities, it is essential that teamwork is practiced to accomplish work for the general audience. With the changes in the modern economics, technological advancements and the size of the population, ignoring other people's interests is inevitable and thus needs for the universal responsibility. Attaining the universal responsibility should mainly entail developing an attitude of the mind that focuses on taking of opportunities with other people's interests in mind other than individuals' interests. The development of the sense of universal responsibility enables an individual to become sensitive to all others irrespective of how close they are to him or her. It is, therefore, necessary not to neglect other people's well-being. There is a need to cultivate contentment to attain peaceful coexistence in the society as this reduces the seeds of envy and the culture of materialism. In achieving the universal responsibility, there is need to question perpetual economic growth culture to create balance in the economic growth. The principle of honesty according to Dalai Lama is another aspect that universal responsibility leads people. There is a need to care for each other in the society. As much as this may sound hopelessly idealistic, there has been a growing acceptance of the human rights universally and the need to accept diversity in the society. Dalai Lama's admits that even with difficulty in creating peace and harmony, universal

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