Communications Case Study

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Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace Student’s Name: Institution: Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace Response to reaction 1 This reaction to the case study is really good. I think most of the arguments made in the reaction are very good. The boss was not aware of the problems he was causing, which is mentioned in both our posts. I think there is lack of understanding of the working requirement in the organization. I agree with your point about poor feedback within the organization. Adopting an open door policy, as you suggested, would help solve this. Both our reaction posts mention proper communication as a way to avoid such a situation in an organization. I found it interesting when giving approaches to resolving the conflict; you mentioned various strategies then chose the most appropriate one. I come up with a more specific approach that the organization could use. I suggested planning for the next day’s activities the evening before so there is little interference on the day’s program. I thought your responses to things to do and those to avoid when resolving the conflict were well researched. I gave more general responses to this question. Both our responses showed there are various ways to deal with conflict. Response to reaction 2 This reaction to the case study was not well thought. I think most of the arguments made in the reaction are too general. I agree with you that the employee has to find a way to talk to his boss since the boss is not aware of the problems he is causing. Both our responses here focus on lack of communication in the organization. However, I do not think the boss having his office far away from the employees would be

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