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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Communication Research For every communication strategy and media advanced towards getting into the domain of the public, there is always the most specific content with a particular target audience. The way some information is conveyed to the audience is always different depending on the type of audience and the content. Each form of published media has its consequences or effects on the audience targeted. The New York Times Newspaper Articles ‘A nearly invincible oil spill threatens some Asia’s richest fisheries.’ By Steven Lee Myers and Javier C. Hernandez Feb. 12, 2018 Research Questions • What might have caused the phenomenon? • Who is at risk of the oil spillage? • Has this happened before on the history of fishing in the affected places? • How important are the areas at risk of being affected by oil spillage? • What will exactly happen if this situation prolongs? • What needs to be done to avoid this havoc? Coding Petroleum has contaminated the Asian, Chinese and Japanese significant fishing grounds. It is a phenomenon that draws the attention of the whole world because it is a bigger one that has never been experienced before. This petroleum is a by-product that contains toxicities as a result of the natural production of gas (Impact: Communication np). It is commonly known as the condensate. The condensate can only be evaporated into the air but cannot be left to get absorbed into the water body. This is believed to be the only solution to the problem because if at all the by-product will be absorbed in the water; there will be a long-term state of

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