Colors and Design

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Colors and Design Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Colours are very crucial in design. They influence the images that the public paint of a particular brand. Using a wrong color translates to the wrong reflection on the brand. Also, they tend to evoke different reactions among individuals. Therefore, when designing for oneself or for others, the use of color contributes to the outcome of that design. This means that the target audience must be taken into consideration when choosing the color combination for the design. One has to look at what other brands are doing with these visual applications in order to enlighten their ideas. This paper intended to get more insight about colors and the different meanings they signify. The research was based on the research question, “what are the different meanings of colors”? The results indicate that designers use terms like hue, saturation, and value to discuss the different aspects of color. Primary colors, for instance, red, orange, black, pink, and blue, yellow, green signify different things. Understanding color meanings assist in better decision-making regarding design. Keywords: color, meanings, design Color is very important when it comes to the reflection of any brand. This visual application influences the perception of a brand by the general public. Whether it is designing a brand for oneself or a company, the impressions of colors will stand depending on how much money one has to start. When choosing color combinations for a brand, it is advisable to look at the color options of other brands. This way one can develop a clear insight on how color determines brand perception. In order to be certain

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