Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): ABCDE Framework

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The ABCDE framework is a form of a memory system that is applied in educating the fundamental of rational-emotive behavior therapy. The framework consists of five components. A stands for the activating event. The adversity or event activates stress or anxiety. The event is just a reality. The examples of the events can be a predicament in a personal affiliation, job dissatisfaction, progressive lack of assurance, sexual concerns, or a speech to be presented (Ellis, 1962). The event might be anything that makes an individual sees a counselor. Ellis was ready to address any problem or adversity using this framework of cognitive behavioral therapy. B stands for the belief system. The element represents the cognitive aspect of an individual’s response to the activating events. According to Ellis, persons frequently mention beliefs that are harmful and lessen clear thoughts (Ellis & Dryden, 1987). Ellis challenged people who believe that when an event comes their way, then they have no any alternative to the event or a rational way to respond to the event. Ellis argued that there are better ways of tackling the event or reacting to the activating event, rather than the counterproductive responses and the responses that lessen thinking (Ellis, 1962). Thus, one should display a belief system that will solve the event encountered. Further, C stands for consequences of irrational beliefs. It is obvious that the irrational thinking and beliefs yield negative impacts. The beliefs can include the self-satisfying insights. For instance, if one expects to feel worried and performing poorly, he or she sets him or herself up to feel worried and perform poorly (Ellis, 1962). It is

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