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Discipline Plan for High School Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Discipline Plan Teaching high school students requires a firm disciplinarian authority that the teenage students shall respect and adhere to. There should be a set of rules and consequences for all the students to observe while in the classroom. The assertive discipline model suggests that the teacher needs to lay down rules with the results of breaking the same (Malmgren, Trezek, & Paul, 2005). In the same breath, the teacher should establish a relationship with the students because the students will not care much about the classes or material until they are sure the teachers care (Graham & Prigmore, 2009). Rules Maintain total silence in the classroom unless asked to speak. Raise your hand before answering any question or asking one. Ask for permission if you need to go out to the washrooms. Pay maximum attention in class. Consequences The rules outlaid in the discipline plan should be followed by all students with no exception whatsoever. If caught flaunting any one of them then there will be consequences that shall be administered. Step 1. Once caught breaking one of the rules, the students shall be asked to explain or defend themselves. The chance to protect them also presents a platform for the teacher to establish whether the student is remorseful for their actions or otherwise. If they give a reasonable defense, they shall be warned, and the matter shall be resolved. Step 2. In case the student does not have a reasonable explanation for their mischief, the teacher shall ask them to do the minor exercise based punishment. This may include but is not limited to

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