City Council meeting report

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Student Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: City Council Report Attending the city council meeting for the first time was quite insightful and a lifetime experience. In the initial stages of the meeting, I found it difficult to relate to some facts as well as the mode of the language used. However, with time I was able to cope and enjoy the meeting. It is undeniable to say that the meeting was well organized and planned. I never thought the program was well prepared as I witnessed. Starting the meeting by pledging the allegiance followed by a short "sermon" by the Father was one exciting part to me. It was also kind of how the leaders, for example, Mayor Richard took the initiative of introducing new members to the council by himself. He also gave them a platform and a chance to present themselves. I noticed that he also chaired the meeting all throughout. That taught me a lot about the qualities of a leader.One thing that I learned in that meeting is that members of the public have the right to question or ask for clarification, even on the most sensitive matters like how revenue has been used. For example, Tony Nelson questioned the irregularities found in the demand deposits. The issue was addressed promptly with an explanation given by the City Manager. Though they have a higher rank because they are in authority, they are still answerable to the public, which I thought was commendable. Another thing that caught my attention is how public projects were well analyzed both to the members of the council as well as the public. For example, the reconstruction of the duplex became a topic of interest. Members of the council raised concerns on the matters

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