Christians as slaves to Christ

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Christians as Slaves to Christ Students Name Class Date Christians as Slaves to Christ Apparently, a slave in the society is somebody who is seen or instead perceived to be a subject of his or her senior who is the employer. Additionally, in most cases, the slaves are always poorly treated because of the position in which they hold in the society. However, this is not the literal meaning of a slave regarding Christianity. Primarily, being a slave in Christianity refers merely to following the footsteps of Christ and being a good disciple of the gospel. According to MacArthur, the followers of Jesus are simply his slaves because they are willing and ready to follow the instructions that the Messiah gives as per the gospel and the Holy Bible. Christians being referred as slaves is a high motivation to others, mostly non-believers who can emulate the adorable characteristics of the God-fearing Christians. A significant attribute which influences the way in which Christians lead others is their humility. Evidently, there is no slave who can risk being proud or preferably having a high sense of ego than his or her master. In the same way, Christians who are the followers of Christ have much respect for their Messiah and cannot see themselves greater than the master himself. By so doing, the people to be led into salvation find it easy to accept the gospel and even repent because of the humility expressed by the slaves of Christ. Concurrently, Apostle Paul clears outlines in his book of 1st Corinthians 6:20 that Christians are Christ’s slaves simply because we were bought with a price and hence there exists the owner who owns us. In so doing, Christians remain

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