Chpt 9 – public leadership

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Public Leadership Student’s Name Institution In the ninth chapter: Public leadership researched by the authors, Hackman and Johnson who are both professors, they state that Public leadership is the most dynamic form of social influence. This idea appeals to the public opinion as it affects large audiences having related beliefs in politics, ethnic heritage and health (Hackman & Johnson, 2013). Factors affecting effective civic leadership involve public opinions conveyed through strong campaigns, public speaking and public relations activities. There are shreds of evidence of Public leadership in both the private and the public sector, as both will require similar needs at some level. The use of public relations such as publicizing events of a company and fund-raising works on the advantage side of leadership as it provides the needs of a particular group. The authors support that the opinions of the public offer empowerment and lay a strategic management role. Moreover, it is on record that almost all productive leaders can speak in public. Addressing people requires developed speeches that aid in giving messages and information that concerns a group. The use of appropriate language in providing statements is essential as it shapes the history. Martin Luther King used words that created clear and vivid dramatic images. It is evident that communicating with the public gives a leader the skills and ability to move and influence the members of a group into working objectively. Campaigns usually carried out involve the use of persuasive language and enabling them to have a good impression towards the ideas expressed. The duo has articulated proper ways of

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