Child Abuse in Cinderella (Grimm’s Version)

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Student’s name Instructor’s name Literature Date Child Abuse in Cinderella Literary texts discuss thematic issues relevant both in the past and contemporary society. Child abuse has been evolving since time immemorial, and various literary greats delved on the subject to rid out the vice in the society. Grimm’s version of Cinderella conjunctively illustrates the grimness of the acts in the society. Cinderella was a partial orphan after the death of the protagonist’s mother and was reared by the father until the protagonist’s father remarried another wife, who had two daughters (Tatar 29). The daughters were beautiful but had black hearts and hated Cinderella. The two stepsisters and the stepmother transformed Cinderella into a maid in her father’s house. At one point, Cinderella’s father was traveling far abroad and enquired from his on the gifts each would like, and while the stepsisters wanted expensive gifts, Cinderella requested for the first tree, whose leaves would fall on his father during the journey. The father brought a hazel twig which Cinderella planted at her mother’s grave and watered for years while praying at the same. However, during a festival organized by the king to search for a princess for his prince, Cinderella was blessed with magical clothes from the tree after her step-parents denied her the opportunity to attend the festival. Interestingly, the protagonist caught the eye of the prince but twice escaped, and for the third time, the protagonist was found after leaving behind her slippers. However, the stepsisters were stung by birds for the ill-will activities against the protagonist. The essay elaborates on child abuse in

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