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Chance The Rapper’s New Song Performance Name University Affiliation Date Abstract This paper is centered on a youtube video about Chance the Rapper and Daniel Ceaser’s new spoken word music. The music video is titled Chance the Rapper Debuts a New Song and shows the artistes debuting a new song on the late-night show. Through the song, the artistes condemn social injustices and advocate for a society that treasures humanity, by all means, necessary through the implementation of social responsibility and responsiveness. In the video, the evident somber mood at the beginning, as well as applause at the end from the audience, are an indication of how touching the message of the song is. The spoken word music by Chance and Daniel has a worldwide message intended for all kind of audiences. The song speaks about what happens on a daily basis not only in America but also in other parts of the world. The song uses a satire and irony to effectively pass the message to the relevant authorities and personalities without hurting anybody. Chance The Rapper’s New Song Performance The music video titled Chance the Rapper Debuts a New Song shows Daniel Ceaser and Chance the Rapper performing a new song on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show (n.p). The debut brings curtains down with electrifying, emotional spoken words of music and makes the audiences feel ecstatic, encouraged and challenged at the same time. The performance is a heart wrenching and mind-blowing time for all present in the show. While writing the song, the artists put the social injustice affecting the American people and the world at large into consideration. They, therefore, poetically informs

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