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Efficacy of Ceftaroline Fosamil in a Patient with Community-acquired Pneumonia Name Institutional affiliation Date Abstract There is huge interest in research for pneumonia treatment regimens. The microorganisms that cause the disease evolve rapidly and therefore the risk of drug resistance is very high. There is, therefore, a continuous need for the generation of newer treatments. Ceftaroline fosamil has emerged as a promising drug in this field. It is a fifth-generation cephalosporin that is usually reserved for patients with a very high risk of drug-resistant strains of pneumonia-causing microorganisms. Ceftaroline has the same mechanism of action as other β-lactams. It binds itself to penicillin-binding protein (PBP). Ceftaroline is able to act on more bacilli that other β-lactams because it has an ethoxyimino which imitates the bacterial cell wall. Results showed a difference of 10% at 95% confidence interval. When the results were controlled for patients with S. pneumoniae, the difference was even more drastic at the end of four days. The research concludes that ceftaroline is effective in treating community-acquired pneumonia with results amplified under various conditions. Introduction Pneumonia has been investigated intensively since the 19th century. This is a result of the magnitude of fatalities that result from the disease. Despite all the research applied towards prevention, management, and treatment of the disease, it continues to be a leading cause of mortalities, especially in the developing countries. About 3.5 million people die annually from pneumonia-related complications . Community-acquired Pneumonia (CAP) refers to a complication of

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