Case Action Plan: Grandma Jarrell’s

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Case Action Plan: Grandma Jarrell's Introduction The health status of a dying restaurant like Grandma Jarrell’s can be improved through focus and niche down strategy. Low profits in the hospitality industry can be caused by either internal or external forces. Restaurants face such untimely experiences in the course of their operations, hence the needed changes to ensure success. Case Action Plan Making use of the focus and niche down strategy will assist me to target a particular group of customers while serving them with delicacies they enjoy. This is a strategy that will ensure increased profits promptly when compared to advertising. Restaurants that offer varieties stretch their budget, and this leads to minimal focus, which is crucial in this industry. It is always vital to have specifics when defining the target market and the offerings for purposes of coming up with a clear budget, and future business forecasts. Further, this particular strategy is superior because I will be able to have a special kind of treatment to all my customers while serving them with what they need. This is a position that cannot be held by players in the industry, and more so those who try to sell almost everything that is edible. By selling fried chicken, with a western twist alone, will not only make the restaurant live again but will also increase our profits in the long run. Customers to the restaurant will be willing to pay for higher prices for the delicacy because of its uniqueness. The idea of increasing funds for purposes of advertising or making use of various sources of advertising will not solve the decreasing profit issue, but

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