Capital Punishment by Sherman Alexie

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Name Instructor Course Date Capital Punishment Sherman Alexie’s Capital Punishment addresses the issue of death penalty in the criminal justice system through the perspective of a prison cook. The cook of the prison who is the speaker in the poem contemplates the killing of an Indian prisoner while preparing his last meal. Through the speaker, Alexie addresses the defective nature of the criminal justice system in how it sometimes decide a verdict or punishment based on constructs such as race, gender, or social status. The speaker does not speculate on the Indian killer’s innocence or guilt but questions the legitimacy of the law and the criminal justice system. Alexie expresses his personal feelings of prejudice about the death penalty and the problems in the judicial system in society. Through his internal conflict and opinions, the speaker expresses his stance against capital punishment on convicts. The reader speculates on whether the Indian killer is innocent or guilty as the speaker addresses that the judicial system is corrupt and chauvinistic towards people of color. Through the speaker’s stance and opinions the poem draws conclusions on the criminal justice system, the controversial debate of death penalty and the society’s neglect of the injustices. Sherman Alexie presents the injustice in our criminal justice system in his poem, Capital Punishment, to which our world is a silent witness. The speaker in Capital Punishment prepares the inmate’s last meal without speculating on his innocence or guilt. Throughout the speaker goes through internal conflicts about the injustices in the system and death penalties but does not make a stance on the

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